In this podcast mini-series, you will hear emotional accounts directly from caregivers who share their experiences, interviews with their healthcare professionals to understand the support that’s currently available, alongside major carer charities and leading experts who describe the vital importance of the caregiver in today’s healthcare system.

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Episode 1:

In this episode, we hear from patients, carers and their healthcare professionals as they talk us through the recognition and support that carers receive. Other contributors include: Dr Sarah Jarvis (Patient.co.uk), Emily Holzhausen OBE (Carers UK), and Elizabeth Egan, (AstraZeneca Global).

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episode 2:
Finding Friends

In this episode, Leanne, tells us about how caring has changed her relationship with her mum (who she looks after) and cut her off from the people around her. We’ll also here about the importance of support from healthcare professionals and carer support networks. Other contributors include: Kate Swaffer (Dementia Alliance International), Nicci Gerrard (John’s Campaign), Anil Patil (Carers Worldwide) and Floris Tenholter (www.platform.ms, The Netherlands).

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episode 3: 
Finding me

In the final episode of the series, Martha, from central Kenya, tells us how caring took its toll on all aspects of her health and wellbeing, but has inspired her to want to help others. Other contributors include: Dr Mahiben Marathappu (Cera & NHS England), Anthony Whittington (Fixing Dad), and Beth Britton (Author, Blogger and Consultant).