Below you will find links to previous projects from Havas Lynx...

healthcare Heroes, the passion project

A project dedicated to the people working with passion, purpose and determination to improve peoples’ lives all over the world. Find out more here.

Generation Now, the impact of the millennial HCP on our world

Millennials are criticised as narcissistic, entitled and technology-obsessed, but this campaign shows millennial healthcare professionals – mHCPs – in a different light. Find out more here.

smiles that saves lives

The link between happiness and health is well documented. More accurately referred to as subjective wellbeing, it’s been demonstrated that a positive outlook is not only the result of good health, but the cause of it. See our YouTube series here.



#LXAcademy is our internal training and development programme designed to inspire creativity, drive quality, build core expertise and shape leaders. The programme is delivered through an accessible portfolio of learning and development opportunities for the whole team. See our YouTube #LXAcademy playlist here.

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