We are Havas Lynx, a leading global healthcare communications group.

We are committed to bringing about change in healthcare. Change informed by experience, driven by innovation and proven in delivery. 

We are agents of the next era in health. Dedicated to helping clients connect consumers, professionals and brands with information, services, and influences that drive new relationships and better outcomes for all.

We change.
We empower healthcare professionals, patients and clients with the knowledge and tools to change outcomes. Change that builds brands, delivers commercial success and improves lives.

We define.
We define healthcare communications through our significant investment in research and development to get to the future first, for our clients, healthcare professionals, and the patients. Our portfolio demonstrates a series of industry firsts within closed loop marketing, social media and mobile. Our vision and expertise provides a competitive advantage for our partners, and in-turn their partners.

We inspire.
We inspire, engage and retain the industry’s best talent, ensuring the team our clients appoint at the outset are the team they celebrate with at the conclusion. #LXAcademy looks to develop agency fundamentals, core expertise and thought leadership, whilst #LYNXLife minimises stress inside the office and rewards lives outside the workplace.

We strive to make things better, not just different and we are incredibly proud of what we do.

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