Episode 8: Valuing & Recognising Carers. Interview with Anil Patil, Carers Worldwide

Anil Patil is the Founder and Executive Director at Carers Worldwide. Experiences in his professional and personal life led him to establish the organisation in 2012. Carers Worldwide develops and promotes cost effective, sustainable and easily replicable methods of providing support to carers in low and middle income countries. They are the only organisation working exclusively and strategically with unpaid family carers in the developing world. Since 2012, their work has impacted the lives of over 3,500 carers in Nepal and India. 

As part of the #Caring4Carers series, we met with Anil where he provided us with an insight in to his own caring experiences along with the experiences of families he has helped.

Powerfully delivered, Anil discusses the global issues surrounding caregivers. He explains how more should be done academically to educate society on the unpaid army of caregivers to support their recognition, value & well-being. 

Episode 7: Identifying carers. Interview with Emily Holzhausen OBE, Carers UK

In our seventh episode of the #Caring4Carers series, we met with Emily Holzhausen OBE, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at Carers UK to discuss the current situation for carers, gathering insight from her 20 years of experience working in the industry, supporting the movement for change.

Throughout the interview, Emily speaks to us about the importance & the value of carers, considering the role they play to both the patient and the healthcare professionals. From identifying carers to ensure their well-being, to making sure they have the right information & advice to guide them on their journey, we continue to explore how we as an industry can work to raise awareness to support the invisible army of carers.

Episode 6: Experts by experience. Interview with Beth Britton.

In the sixth episode of the #Caring4Carers series, we meet with Beth Britton - campaigner, consultant, writer & author of D for Dementia. Beth's caring journey started at the age of 12 when she started caring for her dad who was diagnosed with vascular dementia. Through her experience of caring for her dad, Beth now works to raise awareness for other carers, offering support and advice to help them on their journey. Beth is also a consultant for professional organisations, working with them to offer further support to help tackle the issues carers are dealing with daily. From everyday problem solving to guiding the professionals, Beth and Matt bring to life the day-to-day reality of carers - the experts by experience. 

Episode 4: Supporting carers. Interview with Gail Scott-Spicer.

In our fourth episode of the #Caring4Carers series we speak with Gail Scott-Spicer, CEO of Carers Trust. Gail and the team provide support to carers directly through charities throughout the UK, championing the voice of carers to the government and other opinion bodies. 

Throughout the episode we gain insight from Gail on the importance of carers, the value they feel and how we as an industry can work to raise awareness which ensures carers are fully supported throughout their journey.

Episode 1: The Invisible Army. Keynote presentation

Keynote presentation
Length: 40 mins
In this presentation, David Hunt, CEO of Havas Lynx, looks at the tremendous impact that carers have on the lives of patients, and their value to all stakeholders in healthcare. Through in-depth interviews with carers from around the world, frontline support workers, and leading experts, he offers a picture of what life is like for carers, and highlights how we, as an industry, can better support them. 

Teaser: In Search of The Invisible Army, The Caregivers' Story

Teaser film
Length: 01 min
The value and importance of carers, to healthcare and broader society,
is ever-increasing. We created a campaign to study their enormous impact, and identify the opportunities as to how we can support them.


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